AVReporter Energia menedzsment szoftver

Az AVReporter energia menedzsment szoftvercsomag, a menedzsment és a mérnökök számára egy olyan mindennapi munkaeszköz, amely lehetővé teszi a nagy mennyiségű adatok kezelését, adatok analizálását, riportok és lekérdezések készítését. Mindezt egy egyszerűen kezelhető felhasználói környezetben biztosítja.

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Features of AVReporter v4.0 Entrance Package

The Entrance Package was created to supply end-users and System Integrators a pilot-like package solution, fit for 10 devices for the purpose of closer evaluation. This is a low-cost low-risk opportunity to get to know the software in working condition.

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Features of AVReporter v4.0 Lite Edition

The Lite Edition can supply local systems and is also an ideal component of pilot projects. This edition is the right solution to serve the basic needs of an Energy Management System and can create simple reports. Also it is a must have tool in supporting the Energy Manager completing related tasks efficently and quickly.

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Features of AVReporter v4.0 Basic Edition

Having equipped with the most required solutions, AVReporter Basic is one of the most popular editions and can be used comfortably for local sites. This edition has increased connectivity (OPC Connection), improved reporting facilities and provides more options for customisation.

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Features of AVReporter v4.0 Intermediate Edition

The Intermediate edition is recommended for end-users, who also wish to connect to external data sources, advanced virtual meters and optionally redundant OPC Servers.

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Features of AVReporter v4.0 Advanced Edition

AVReporter Advanced integrates powerful qualities for those clients, who wish to use the latest cutting edge tool to its best abilities, a fine example of a solution supporting the requirements of “Integrated Industry”. This edition can also connect to unlimited external data sources and serve multi-site applications “Global Energy Management Solution”.

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AVReporter v4.0 Mobile Clients

The AVReporter Mobile Client has been developed to aid the work of the technical staff by providing real-time information about their measurement points and data concentrators, visualizing them on a unified tablet interface.

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AVReporter Windows Phone & IPhone Mobile Client (Remote Meter Reading)

With the support of this application the measurement data (identifying meters manually or by QR code) can be entered and sent via email (attachment in CSV file format) easily into the AVReporter server application.

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AVR Azure Cloud

By the deployment of Microsoft Azure infrastructure we can offer a pre-installed energy management software solution, taking the frustration out of the process and cutting down on system engineering time. This collaboration also enables us to provide a low-risk investment, based on the calculable payment terms.

AVR Azure Energy Management Software is an ideal choice to support the energy efficiency strategy of both Smart City and Smart Factory applications.

Our highly experienced TechTeam offers additional „kick-start packages”, remote engineering services and trainings according to your needs.

To find out about the available AVR Azure Energy Management Software packages and features, get in touch with us.










Food and drink manufacturers in the UK have cut their carbon emissions to less than half the levels reported in 1990.

In its annual sustainability progress report, published this week, industry body the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) sets out the progress made by members on a range of measures, including food waste, water use, packaging, transport and sustainable supply chains, as well as CO2 emissions.

The report shows that CO2 emissions from manufacturing operations were down 51% in 2016 compared to the 1990 baseline.

This represents considerable progress since 2014, when FDF members' emissions had fallen by 44% against 1990 levels.

Companies including Britvic, Mars, Mondelez, PepsiCo and Warburtons have managed to reduce their emissions through a continued focus on energy efficiency and decarbonisation, the report said.

However, the reduction is also partly due to a fall in production in a number of sectors of the industry which could be reversed in future years.

Under its Ambition 2025 plan, the industry has set a target to achieve a 55% absolute reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 against 1990 levels.

"The food and drink manufacturing industry continues to deliver progress against our environmental ambitions," FDF chief scientific officer Helen Munday said in a statement.

She added that following publication of the UK government's 25-year environment plan, the industry was looking forward to focusing on dealing with plastic waste and protecting and enhancing Britain's natural capital.

Meanwhile, to help promote the uptake of sustainability standards and initiatives across the supply chain, the FDF has announced the public launch of its Sustainability Resource Hub at https://sushub.fdf.org.uk. This free online platform provides information on voluntary certifications, collaborative platforms and practical tools available to food and drink manufacturers looking to boost their sustainability credentials.

Munday said: "The Sustainability Resource Hub is the next step on our journey to support a shift towards integrating sustainable sourcing into decision making at all levels throughout the supply chain and achieving our Ambition 2025.

"We hope this tool will provide companies, particularly small- to-medium sized ones, with practical guidance to contribute to their sustainability goals."


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UK food and drink manufacturers halve carbon emissions

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